5 Best Yoga Poses for Beginners


best-yoga-poses-for-beginnersThinking of getting started with yoga?  It’s not only a fabulous way to relax both the mind and the body, it also tones and strengthens your body in a very gentle way. Plus it will help give you amazing flexibility.

To understand the potential of what yoga can do for your body, just take a look at the photo here of well recognized fitness expert  and personal trainer Zoe Bray-Cotton, instructor of the popular program Yoga Burn. Those abs should keep you inspired to try out a few easy poses.

You can start right now.  Here are the 5 best yoga poses for beginners.  You can do these poses almost any time, anywhere. Great for when you need a time-out during a stressful day. Don’t worry, you don’t need a yoga mat  – just watch these slides and give it a go!