Can You Believe Christie Brinkley is 61?

Christie Brinkely is 61!

Christie at 61

Christy Brinkley is 61, but the supermodel barely looks any different than she did when she was half that age.  As a teenager, I was obsessed with supermodel Christie Brinkley. She was a good decade plus older than me, but I thought she was sooooo pretty.  I wanted to be Christie Brinkley – she was my role model back when I just entering adulthood. And holy moly cappoly – look at her now! She is stunning at 61!  Christie Brinkley makes it clear that aging ain’t what it used to be, and 60 is the new 30.  Take a look at these photos, and you’ll see why we call her the poster child for anti-aging! Plus we’ll let you in on some of Christie’s secrets for how she stays looking like that.

Christie Brinkley is 61!Christie at 60

Christie Brinkley at 59Christie Brinkley at 59