JonBenet Ramsey Murder Solved After 20 Years, Expert Says

JeanBenet Ramsey Murder Solved

Its hard to believe its been 20 years since 6 year old child-beauty queen JonBenet Rasmsey was murdered in her own home by an unknown attacker on Christmas Day 1996. It was a true murder mystery who-dunnit if ever there was one. The case caught the attention of people all around the world, and has kept them fascinated all these years later.

A wealthy family, a beautiful home in the upscale town of Boulder, Colorado, and a baby beauty queen dressed in provocative clothes and full make up.  You couldn’t write stuff like this. But it wasn’t a Hollywood movie, it was real. Tragically so.

But now, after 20 years, an investigator and forensic psychologist who worked on the Ramsey case has said the case has been solved. Steven Pitt indicates that hard evidence points to a member of the Ramsey household as being responsible for JonBenet’s murder. Pitt was recently quoted by People Magazine in the August 22, 2016 issue as saying, “It has been solved…. The question is, do I think anyone will ever be criminally charged? No”.

Meanwhile, JonBenet’s brother Burke, who was 9 at the time of the murder and was in the home when it occurred, will be interviewed about what he knows for the first time publicly on Dr. Phil.  The first of three installments airs on Monday, September 12, 2016. Burke, now 29, has never before spoken to the media.

JonBenet Ramsey would be 26 now if she had lived. Her mother Patsy died of cancer years ago. JonBenet’s once very wealthy and successful father, former multi-millionaire businessman John Ramsey, lost his business and all of his wealth following the murder. He struggled to find work through out the years since it happened. He now lives in a trailer park in Florida.