Sharon Stone, Almost 60, Posing in Bikini

Sharon stone in bikini at 58Sharon Stone, 58, recently posted this photo on Instagram of her posing in a bikini in her backyard pool. She’s a great role model and inspiration for boomers (and women of all ages), proving that 60 is the new 40.

We love the fact that Sharon is keeping it real – she doesn’t feel the need to load herself up with plastic surgery, turning herself into something that literally looks plastic (and dare we say, kind of creepy), as so many celebs do  (although she had in the past admitted to having a little something done, she hasn’t over done it by any means).  Natural beauty is real beauty!

Sharon Stone is sending a powerful message by posting this photo of herself. She is sending the message that all women need to learn to be comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they are, at all stages of life. Age is just a number, taking care of yourself in a healthy way and loving who you are is what matters.  Celebs like Sharon are redefining society’s concept of beauty, turning it into something natural and real – and its about time!

You rock, Sharon Stone!

Photo courtesy of Magazine Spain.