Why Using Too Much Laundry Detergent Could Be Deadly

Using too much laundry detergent can make you very sick.

We’ve all done it.  With the very best of intentions we add a little extra laundry detergent to the wash (sometimes even a lot extra) with hopes of getting the laundry really clean.

But what you probably are not aware of is that a little bit of extra detergent could actually do way more harm than good.  You should always only use the amount of detergent instructed on the bottle and never exceed the detergent manufacturers recommended amount.

This is because excess detergent actually ends up getting caught in the drain pipes and in other nooks and crannies of your washing machine at the end of the cycle.  When you use excess soap, the machine is often unable to flush all of it out, so foam sits in the pipes. And you know what happens when wet stuff sticks around in dark areas…. you guessed it – mold.

So using too much detergent in wash can actually cause mold to grow in your washing machine and drain pipes. This is very dangerous because mold spores then find their way into the air in your home (and potentially into all of your future loads of laundry), and breathing that in can make you and your family extremely ill.  Whats even worse, often the cause of the illness can’t be determined. So you unwittingly keep exposing yourself and your family to the cause of the illness, thereby allowing yourself to get sicker and sicker.

Mold is a serious toxin and can cause some very serious and debilitating long term illnesses, so this is nothing to play around with. If you are adding extra detergent to your laundry, you need to stop doing that immediately.

You will sometimes be tipped off if you have a mold issue in your washer due to an odor, but even if you don’t smell anything, it doesn’t mean there isn’t mold. Often it will take a lot of mold before you start to smell it.

If you detect any strange or unpleasant odors in the area of your wash machine, you may already have a serious mold issue. Call in an appliance repair person who services wash machines and have them investigate.

Who knew something as well intentioned as wanting to make extra sure the laundry comes out sparkling clean could lead to such scary consequences?

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